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What's Included

Security and Well Being Maintenance

We make sure you have good people living in your dwelling. Some houses have security camera and we have a risk management team making sure that our multi-dwellings are risk free for our clients.

Ideal Location

All our residences are located between 2 to 7 minutes walking distance from subways.

24 hours Client Support

We have a dedicated team ready to help. Part of your service is you can join one of our staff at any time via, email, telephone, in person and our client support chat directly on the website.

Kitchen Furnished and Supplied

We make sure your room is professionally cleaned before you arrive and also making sure it is cleaned once you leave.

Regular House Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning of all common areas for free, which included kitchen, bathroom, hallway and floors.

Outstanding Experience

Come and meet new friends ! Stay connected Live the urban life by sharing a formidable dwelling ! We have a satisfaction guaranteed program where if not satisfied by your room, we get you another one.

Fully Furnished House

The house comes fully equipped with stove, fridge, dishwasher, toilet, bath, washer, dryer and A/C.

Fully Furnished Room

Room comes equipped with a bed frame, spring bed, mattress, desk, chair, drawer, stand-up light, pillow and bed-sheets.

Unlimited Wifi High Speed Internet

All our houses includes Wi-fi High Speed internet. Where your utilization is unlimited.

Bathroom Furnished and Supplied

We provide all the basic necessities for you to enjoy your stay and have a real peace of mind.

Client Reviews

Great company who takes care of their clients. They do everything in their power to make you satisfied of the Roominex Service!
Sabrina DargySatisfied Customer - 2015
The easiest way to find a place to live in Montreal and not have to worry about anything. Friendly and professional service. Thanks Roominex!
Madelaine JolinSatisfied Customer - 2015
I would highly recommend Roominex ether you are looking for a short or long term living in Montreal. I had one of best experience and met some of the most genuine people during my stay with them.
Edina ZvorkoSatisfied Customer - 2014
I really loved Montreal! I been at Blue Pines for six months and I really had a good time! Roominex really took care of us. I was taking classes at Concordia University and being at Blue Pines really made things easier. I mean they took care of everything! Plus I made good friends and we still keep in touch.
Sophany ThiaSatisfied Client- Concordia 2012
I got impressed with the their service because when I went home I'm not expecting that the house will be that clean. Never have I noticed this with the previous houses that I was in. This happens once every week. I wonder who did the cleaning. And the internet works good. It is fast. Also, when we have some minor problems in the house, right away a concierge comes to check on it. I never had any serious problems with them. So far, I have peace of mind all the time living with Roominex.
mark roominex client
Mark FelixSatisfied Client - 2016
My son attended concordia university for 1 year. He stayed at one of Roominex locations. From day one the staff were incredibly driven to help me make the best decision. During his stay my son had a wonderful time due to their constant obsession to achieve the best for their clients and I withness that for 12 months. There services is incomparable. Many times my son forgot his keys and many time it didnt matter the time of the day they came to help him. Extremely devoted people. I would definitely use there service again.Bravo!
Gloria MartinezSatisfied Customer - 2016

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