Roominex was founded in 2013 in the beloved city of Montreal. Its founder, Christian Levasseur, finance student at the time, was born in Guinea and adopted by a humanitarian worker who after 28 years is still providing aid to war torn nations. Raised with the unique bilingual experience of Quebec and a family constantly traveling to help others, Christian became an international traveler at just 1 year old. Since then Christian has never ceased to be inspired by other cultures. It was in Japan where he witnessed that language, art, and technology could be perfectly amalgamated to provide enormous simplicity through a new concept of housing – the shared economy arena. Christian began to envision a world where smart houses and networking combined to meet a common goal of social sustainability. This vision leads the house to mean more than “just a place to sleep.” A smart house utilizes the latest technology to significantly reduce the cost of living while simultaneously enhancing the lifestyle of people across the globe. Roominex is guided by the integrity of its founder and marks the ideal organization to bring this cardinal endeavour to the world. This is an evolving mission because to Christian, a home is much like a canvas to an artist – it’s never finished.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver simplified resolutions to our clients facing complicated situations. We simplify their solutions with our advanced resolutions. Our solutions apply to our tenants, landlords, brokerage houses, entrepreneurs, and others worldwide. We are shaping the industry of shared economy with remarkable dynamism and professionalism.

Vision and Values

Our vision is to become the most trusted provider of services in the shared economy arena. We will define the future of shared space and short to mid-term rental worldwide.

In our Endeavour we Value:

Utmost Professionalism

Guided by Integrity

Inspire Trust and Respect

Deliver a Superior Service

Propulsed Toward Enduring Success

Powered by Innovation

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